About Us

Nupon Technology Phils. Corp., is your gateway to innovative technology and global resources, keep evolving our technology products for over 23 years.

Our main goal is to make the Philippines stand out globally. We're all about saving energy ,saving money and taking care of the environment. Nupon Solar Powered Air Conditioner It's like a superhero against climate change, created by smart people from Australia ,now had been in 5th generation with tip top and stable performance.

This air conditioner not only cools your space but also saves you money. It's like having a cool breeze without hurting the planet, especially in places where electricity is expensive or hard to find. We're also helping out our Filipino neighbours by offering Roof-Top Solar Power Systems for homes and businesses.

We're like your solar power sidekick, handling everything from figuring out what you need to making sure it works perfectly. Our reputation as top-notch experts comes from making sure you get the best from start to finish. We're really proud of making the environment cleaner with our sustainable energy solutions. We're not just experts in solar power; we're your partners in creating a better and brighter future.