• Nupon Solar Powered <br>Air Conditioner

    Nupon Solar Powered
    Air Conditioner

    Full DC Energy Efficiency

    Run on Both Grip and Solar Power

What is Solar Powered
Air Conditioner

NuPON Solar Air Conditioner takes the solar energy as the power source and is an environment friendly and energy saving product. It can help people enjoy the air conditioner freely and economically in these places which are short of power supply or face the problem of high electricity rates.

Solar Aircon Series

Full DC Energy Saving Solar Powered Air Conditioner (Run on electricity and solar power)


Free from any legal restriction

Cassette Series

Cassette Series are designed to enable the unit to be installed with minimum ceiling height.

Ceiling Floor Series

The indoor unit can be installed in convertible mode or placed on the floor, thus saving more space.

Concealed Duct Series

Super thin design, the whole thickness of indoor until is only 20cm (900-12000BTU).

Floor Standing Series

Using the world-famous brand scroll compressor.

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